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Medstar Group, one of the leaders in the plastic manufacturing world in the Middle east; has been in the plastic manufacturing field since 1976. We have 3 large factories that operates several product lines; house ware, catering, kitchen and cleaning tools.
With over than 60 injections machines, 10 thermoforming machines, 4 extruders and 5 cleaning machines.
WE design our products to be of an added value to our customers by providing them with:
  • Customized products tailored to the customer needs.
  • B2B products.
  • Promotional items with our client’s logo printed using high quality printing machines.
  • reliable after sales service.
  • wide distribution both locally and internationally.
  • Innovative solutions for all our customers.
Medstar Group opened, its first megastore in Egypt, 4000sqm that specializes in household products. It provides all types of appliances and houseware accessories.

Our Vision

Medstar’s vision is to achieve and maintain the leadership position in the Middle East, capitalizing on plastic products market & consumer satisfaction.

Our Mission

We seek to be the market leader in the plastic products market in Egypt focusing on high quality household and cleaning products in order to satisfy the consumer needs addressing the higher socio-economical classes, and penetrating the lower classes with profitable products; whilst focusing on exports to compete in emerging markets by presenting high quality products.


  • The company started its production in the Houseware field in Cairo in 1976 as one of the leaders in plastic production in the Middle East.
  • In 1985 Medstar established its second Factory in the 10th of Ramadan and half of the production of that factory was for catering production for airlines, hotels and restaurants with expansions in the Houseware products.
  • In 2002 Medstar started its third factory located also in the 10th of Ramadan on an area of 17,000 m2 land.
  • Employment reached 1,200 in the three factories that vary from engineers, managers and technicians.
  • Medstar products vary in design, color and materials to satisfy the needs of various markets and cultures, including airlines, food packaging, houseware products, and injection and thermoformed products.
  • In 2011 ( Star House ) :
  • Star House is a retail arm of the Medstar Group that specializes in all types of household products. Opened in late 2011, Star House strived to give customers plenty of options when trying to find what they need inside one of their stores.
Medstar Misr
Zone A6, 10th of Ramadan,
Al Sharqiyah, Egypt

Medstar Industrial Industrial Zone B2,
Misr & Sudan St,
10th Of Ramadan, Egypt
For Customer Service
010 6000 6604
Sister Company
For Customer Service
01000 000 265
Star House is a retail arm of the Medstar Group that specializes in all types of household products. Opened in late 2011 at Obour City

Kitchen Ware ,Home appliance, Electronics, Catering, Cleaning Tool, Gifts, Cash and Carry, Lightening, Soft Furnishing, Bath, Laundry.

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